A Blessing for Mothers

And Why I see Mothers as the Cornerstones of the New Earth

Being a Mother means …

Deciding your soul is big enough to live your own life and care for the life of another as if it’s your own

Being a Mother means …

Sacrificing your body to grow and care for another human being

Being a Mother means …

Your priorities must learn to dance with the often more immediate needs of your child

Being a Mother means …

Sometimes your wisdom doesn’t have a landing pad; that only comes through their own experience

Being a Mother means …

Long nights of reflection, self-doubt, worry, and guilt

Being a Mother means …

Trusting that you’re doing your best

Being a Mother means …

Constant revision, healing, and self-improvement

Being a Mother means …

Commitment to living your best life, even when you don’t feel like it

Being a Mother means …

Taking care of yourself; recognizing when you need time, space, quiet, food, SLEEP, a good long cry … and laughter.

Being a Mother means …

Knowing you can never do all the healing that needs to be done for your generational line, yourself, and your child; they came here to experience life and that life comes through lessons and experiences.

Being a Mother means …

They are humans in their own right. They aren’t “yours;” they chose to come through you

Being a Mother means …

Realizing they aren’t your second chance to get life right; they aren’t going to pick up where you left off or failed to live

Being a Mother means …

You’ll do it wildly imperfectly

Being a Mother means …

Trusting they have what it takes to figure life out

Being a Mother means …

Loving and supporting another human fully

Being a Mother means …

Holding yourself accountable for your expectations and judgements about their lives. Those are yours, not theirs.

Being a Mother means …

Apologizing when you’ve messed up – and committing fully to healing what caused the misstep to begin with

Being a Mother means …

Accepting that you’re now a mother not only to your own children, but all the children, all the animals, and sometimes the wounded humans

Being a Mother means …

Realizing you’re NOT a Mother to everyone, in particular your partner.

Being a Mother means …

Sometimes your children see you and the world more clearly than you do. Listen to them when they spot warning signs in people or situations


Dear Mothers – May you feel your heart beating, in your own chest, and in the bodies of each of your children. When you look at your children, may you see the magic and miracle that brought them into being. May you lay your head down at night knowing you did the best you could. May you rise up tomorrow, ready to love fiercely and softly, embracing all the glorious paradoxes that it means to be a MOTHER.

Sometimes when you pick up your child you can feel the map of your own bones beneath your hands, or smell the scent of your skin in the nape of his neck. This is the most extraordinary thing about motherhood – finding a piece of yourself separate and apart that all the same you could not live without. ― Jodi Picoult

The Journey of Motherhood

Being a Mother means a lot of things that few realize upon choosing (or discovering) that they are to become a Mother. For those that carry this archetypal blueprint, the impulse to mother is strong. For most, it is probably first recognized in childhood, in caring for animals or younger children. (Sometimes that also meant caring for parents, grandparents, or other adult caregivers.)

For some, for unfathomable reasons, the mother imprint is strong but biological children aren’t a possibility. For others, the journey is still possible but it comes fraught with challenges, disappointment, and delays. Know that neither of these circumstances in any way diminishes the Mother energy. To be a Mother is to be a Mother.

Being a Mother is a process of evolution and growth. No one comes in fully knowing how to be a Mother. Because every person is different, the journey looks different for different people, and in different situations.

Every mother comes in her Mother archetype with her own core wounds and life events. As she heals herself, as she evolves, this becomes reflected in her Mother archetype. It’s an archetype that is highly dynamic as it reflects where the woman is in her life journey.

Every child is different. Their personalities, needs, desires, and life events are different from child to child because every child is – human. And, no child – not a single one – comes with an instruction manual. Therefore, the way Mother shows up for one child may look very different than for another, even within the same family.

Thus, Motherhood is a dance with a dynamic, evolving archetypal energy. At its core lies deep, pervasive unconditional love. A desire to nurture and nourish through wisdom and care. But it also carries threads of fierce protectiveness and sacrifice.

Each soul has to pry their unconsciousness out of the primal ooze and develop consciousness — to allow The Mother of the Heart of the World to take their hands, heart, and head in order to lead them to enact these new life attitudes and practices for themselves out of mercy for others. ― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul

The Rise of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in the Human Form

The Rise of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within humanity heralds in a new era of life on Earth often called the New Earth. This New Earth marks an evolutionary transformation in human consciousness. This new consciousness will embrace and embody ideas around balance, harmony, and holistic philosophies. In order to come into balance and harmony, in order to be WHOLE, we must first HEAL.

Divine Feminine Divine Masculine
Nurturing and Compassionate Protective and Providing
Emphasizes empathy and emotional support Focuses on safety, stability, and material well-being
Intuitive and Receptive Logical and Analytical
Relies on inner wisdom and feelings Relies on logic, analysis, and rational thought
Creative and Fertile Action-Oriented and Goal-Driven
Symbolizes birth, growth, and development Associated with dynamic action and the pursuit of goals
Fluid and Flexible Stable and Grounded
Embraces flexibility and adaptability Provides a solid foundation and maintains order
Healing and Transformative Assertive and Decisive
Nurtures growth and emotional development Characterized by confidence and decision-making
Inclusive and Cooperative Independent and Individualistic
Values connection and interdependence Emphasizes personal strength and self-sufficiency
Emotional and Sensual Rational and Intellectual
Celebrates the body, senses, and beauty Celebrates knowledge, learning, and intellectual pursuit

Healing is – by and large – a Feminine energy. It is subtle and gradual and it happens without directive/conscious action or a timeline. Healing happens most thoroughly within a container of feminine energy – love, support, nurturance, gentleness. (Yes – there is a masculine energy associated with healing but think Emergency Room type energy that gets us through an acute crisis.)

Therefore, in order for us to accomplish the healing that needs to happen within the collective, it was – and is – necessary for the Divine Feminine energy to anchor in first. As this energy is integrated more and more deeply, the associated qualities it brings – nurturing, compassion, intuition, receptivity, and emotional awareness – all of which are crucial components of the container needed to heal – will pave the way towards the deeper healing and integration needed within individuals and the collective before societal change can take place. This healing will allow the New Earth to unfold in a gradual, receptive manner rather than the dramatic collapsing of one civilization and the emergence of a new one through domination that we are accustomed to seeing in our known history.

A woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretense and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself. — Maya Angelou

The Intersection of the Mother Archetype with the Divine Feminine

From our discussion of the Mother Archetype and the Divine Feminine, we see there is a significant overlap in the qualities contained within each:

  • Unconditional Love, Nurturing, and Compassion
  • Creativity, Creation
  • Healing and Transformation
  • Intuition and Wisdom
  • Balance and Harmony

Both the Divine Feminine and the Mother Archetype emphasize nurturing and caregiving. The mother figure is a direct representation of the Divine Feminine’s ability to provide love, support, and sustenance. These qualities hold the container necessary for healing on personal and collective levels. This healing is a prerequisite for all subsequent lasting change in humanity.

The Mother Archetype embodies the creative aspect of the Divine Feminine through the act of giving birth and nurturing new life. This physical manifestation of creation is and will continue to be a central theme as we imagine and anchor in a higher-level view of what our society can and should look like through a more healed, holistic lens. Mothers often rely on intuition and inner wisdom to guide and protect their children, reflecting the intuitive qualities of the Divine Feminine. This inner knowing is crucial for making decisions that benefit the well-being of others in this coming time.

The Mother Archetype provides emotional support and healing, paralleling the Divine Feminine’s role in facilitating personal and collective transformation. Mothers work to create a balanced and harmonious environment for their children, mirroring the Divine Feminine’s goal of achieving balance within the universe. This includes managing conflicts, fostering positive relationships, and promoting well-being. Mothers often serve as the emotional anchors within families and communities. This anchoring function will be critical in managing the necessary period of upheaval that comes with all transitions.

The feminine spirit is the matriarch of creation; she contains the mysteries of life. — Tanya Markul

How To Navigate This Time of the New Earth Emerging – For Mothers

Self-care for Mothers is a difficult task in any time. Part of this is because as Mothers, we are programmed towards to care for the “other” rather than ourselves.

However, in this coming time, we’re going to see a greater demand on the Mother Archetype. We will begin to see – if we haven’t already – how very important it is to raise our children to be in alignment with the principles of an evolving human consciousness. This means that most, if not all, of the principles on child rearing that we grew up with will get tossed by the wayside. Forging a new path and doing things differently is a scary prospect for a Mother who’s innermost desire is to “get it right” for her children.

We’ll also be asked to hold more space for those around us. That means taking your Mothering skills out into the world, and offering safe, nurturing space to those around us. The same principles that apply to Mothering our own children will apply, namely suspension of judgement and maintaining healthy boundaries. This can be difficult to do, but it’s helpful to remember that most of us, though adults, still have a wounded child at our core that never felt the embrace of a healed mother.

Strategies to Support Yourself as a Mother

Prioritize Your Own Self-Care. Sleep, drink water, eat well, move, BREATHE.

Maintain Boundaries and Prioritize Relationships. You can’t – and shouldn’t – serve everyone.

Create Space. Meditate, go outside in nature. Let your brain TURN OFF.

Do What Lights You Up. This increases your life-force energy.

Stay adaptive, stay humble. No one gets this right. Don’t let a perceived failure bring you to your knees. Take stock, keep learning, keep moving; try and try again.

Cultivate a Community and Support. Mothers need care and support from others as well.

Anchoring in the Divine Feminine

Deepen your healing journey. Keep unpeeling the layers. Do this without judgement or shame. You did the best you could at the time. Release the emotions you’ve been holding in.

Honor your intuition and wisdom.

Create rituals that remind you how beautiful this sacred journey is and how connected we all are, to each other, to the divine.

Collaborate. Build and Grow. This is the essence of the divine feminine.

Slow down. Connect to nature, to loved ones.

Cultivate sensuality. The feminine is sensuous, slow, flowing. Embrace your body, give gratitude to the amazing things it’s able to do and accomplish. Give gratitude for the fact that you are here in this body, living this wild life as a human.

Embrace the paradox of the divine feminine. She is loving and fierce in equal measures. Allow this energy to hold your boundaries. Detach from anything and anyone that doesn’t give you a sense or safety or a feeling of being valued.

Remember your Divine Sovereignty. You have authority over your life. Even if you can’t control the events, you can control your response.

The Role of Men

If you’re a man reading this, then I’d like to speak to your role at this time.

Collectively, the Divine Masculine is anchoring in. This is a step behind the Divine Feminine, as I discussed above. This is a generalization at a collective level. Some men have already anchored in and integrated their Divine Masculine energies and will be guides for other men as they go through their own process. Also remember that each of us holds both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, and so all of us are moving through some process of anchoring and integrating in these higher frequency energies. Human healing, growth, and evolutionary processes are not linear and different people are at different places.

That said, collectively, the Divine Mother energy is the overall propulsion behind this current stage of evolution. And so I would like to speak to what Mothers need during this phase, when her energies are being pulled upon so heavily.

  • Continue your personal healing journey. Embrace the feminine nature of healing, namely allowing the process to ebb and flow with gentleness and appropriate timing, giving space to allow the healing to integrate and trickle down deep. “Sledgehammering” your healing process doesn’t serve you, nor does it serve anyone around you.
  • Men are masters at crafting containers of safety and stability. Cultivate safe-spaces around you. This applies to women and men you hold space for.
    • Be present.
    • Show up consistently.
    • Maintain good boundaries.
    • Be clear on why and what you’re saying. If your words aren’t in alignment with how you feel or what you need, don’t say them.
    • Be clear on why and what you’re offering. Don’t make promises you can’t or won’t honor.
    • If you’re confused or unclear, ask.
    • Be willing to be vulnerable and honest. This doesn’t necessarily mean revealing every thought or feeling in a torrential flood or reveal. If it means something to the moment, then say it with complete transparency and as truthfully as you are able to see it in that moment.
    • When you’re listening, ask if someone just wants to be heard or if they would like help with solutions. Men are natural fixers, but fixing is not always warranted – or desired – in the moment.
    • Don’t invalidate feelings – yours or anyone else’s. Men are by nature more rational and mental. Women are inherently emotional beings. The two don’t always exist in harmony. Feelings may be entirely irrational, and yet they’re still there. Work with the emotion, allow it to exist. Go back the previous step – don’t try to fix it.
    • When feelings are high, don’t run and don’t react. Cultivate the ability to remain present and accounted for. Respond.
    • If you have a woman that’s a Mother in your life (not including your own) – don’t pull on her energy. Cultivate mindful awareness of when your inner child is present and demanding attention. (If you’re in a relationship that’s gone south, this might be a good place to take a look. Mothers engage with “child” energy only in very specific, contained ways.)

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Many thanks to you for reading, for your sacred work, and for your willingness to be here with all humans, during this time of great expansion and evolution… ❤️