Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®)

The powerful healing technique developed by Dolores Cannon

QHHT® can ... answer our deepest questions about ourselves. give us a clear and direct connection to our highest, wisest self. reinforce a positive self-image and unlock more self-confidence. give us guidance on big life decisions. help us understand why we’re here and what our purpose is. unlock our greatest potential and release patterns of self-doubt and "stuck-ness." help us understand the root causes of our disease or imbalances. initiate profound self-healing processes within us. identify false and limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves. help us see how we can be our best selves. give us answers about "big" cosmic questions. help us identify behaviors and patterns that aren’t serving us in our relationships. identify and release harmful, destructive patterns we are carrying. help us understand how we can best show up for ourselves, in our relationships, and in the world. give us insight into probable future events. help us identify and release ancestral and epigenetic familial patterns. allow us to experience our "other" lives.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.

– Rumi

What is QHHT®?

QHHT® works by helping you access a portion of the brain that is usually only available twice a day: just before you go to sleep and just before you get up. It is possible for everyone, regardless of gender, religion, or physical ability to access this natural brainwave state via the QHHT® method and with the help of Sheila, your Level 2 certified facilitator. Within this trance state, you can access knowledge, events, and memories from your deepest, wisest self, and even experience your “other” lifetimes.

The Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT®, was developed in the 1960s by Dolores and her husband, Johnny. Over many decades, she continued to refine the technique until it became the safe, efficient, and powerful method it is today, This method produces amazing, life-changing results, results that have been experienced by thousands of people the world over. You can read more about this amazing story by visiting Dolores’ page here.

For the client, QHHT® is very simple. After a wonderful conversation in which you and Sheila get to know each other, she will have you lay comfortably. She will ask you easy questions while you answer with what you “see” in your mind’s eye. It’s that simple! QHHT® collaborates with the superconscious or higher consciousness. Dolores often referred to this aspect as the “subconscious,” but it is not the part of the subconscious that is talked about in psychology or clinical therapy. This part of the subconscious is extremely powerful and all-knowing. It can see from a much greater perspective than we, in our human form, can perceive. The higher consciousness is the part that touches into the collective consciousness, and even God or Source. When used appropriately, it will communicate crucial information for healing and personal growth that would otherwise be unavailable to the conscious mind of the client.

What is the VALUE of a QHHT® session? What’s it worth?

As an exercise, try to place a value, a dollar amount, on the following:

  • Healing a chronic health issue
  • Understanding your purpose in life; why are you here?
  • Getting authentic guidance on your career path
  • Understanding your deepest relationships and how to make them better
  • Releasing self-doubt and limiting beliefs so that you can reach your greatest potential

Can you do it? How much time and money have you spent thus far trying to chase down answers and healing? If you’re like most people, it probably makes you feel nauseous and tired to think of the time and money you’ve spent thus far, with probably few to no results.

True healing, authentic guidance – these things, are PRICELESS.

In a single session, however, QHHT® can achieve all the desired goals and more!

Not only that, but it helps you – moving forward – open a pathway between you and your highest consciousness so that you can continue to achieve these incredible results yourself. Though some people choose to come back for sessions at later dates, the methodology is designed as a one-time, all-encompassing, and full-healing experience.

A QHHT® session is like a day-long spiritual healing and training retreat in one!

Most sessions run approximately 5 – 7 hours, but sometimes longer if needed. You are the only client booked on any given day, ensuring you have all the time you need to achieve your desired goals.

To offer you the very best experience possible, the number of sessions per month is limited.

What Can You Expect in a QHHT® Session?

QHHT® sessions are booked as full-day sessions. You are the only client seen on your scheduled day; this allows us to take as long as is needed to get really good, clear answers to your questions. Sessions typically start at 10am unless we mutually agree otherwise, and run as long as is needed to get the healing and answers you are seeking. On average, sessions take about 5 – 7 hours.

A session starts with a fairly lengthy and completely confidential conversation during which we talk about the reason for your session, any physical ailments, and your personal story. Clients often find this time just as valuable as the hypnosis itself because rarely are we given the time, and a listening ear, in which to tell our stories in their entirety. Sheila meets you where you are in a nonjudgemental, compassionate, and loving space. She believes strongly that all our ups, downs, wins, losses, and mistakes help us become the person we NEED to become. We are humans having a human experience. As we talk with one another, many people suddenly realize the various connections and patterns that run through their lives, links that were once hidden from their purview, because rarely do we tell our stories in such a way. When we can see the events of our lives in this way, with the major archetypal themes and patterns, then suddenly we have a very powerful mechanism to leverage the patterns to serve, rather than defeat, us. These types of insights come through during the discussion process.

Once the discussion process is concluded, Sheila will get your list of questions from you and the hypnosis portion will begin. This part is very easy, and just like going to sleep. Sheila will guide you through some visualization exercises designed to help you relax and activate the symbolic right-brain area of your brain that is very active at night during dreaming, but that otherwise gets very little time to express itself in our high-stress, left-brained world. Rather than going fully into deep sleep (delta), the QHHT® method holds you in a trance alpha- or theta-state, and in this state, the higher consciousness enters into a collaborative discussion with you using Sheila as the facilitator. It is powerful to be able to ask direct questions to this very perceptive and powerful part of our minds.

The entire hypnosis part of the session is recorded and sent to you via email in a .mp3 format so that you can listen to it at your leisure after your session. With each listening, your healing is deepened.

You can find more information about QHHT® on the official QHHT® website: https://www.qhhtofficial.com/about-us/

Why is QHHT® so effective?

QHHT® taps into our highest consciousness by accessing our soul’s own entry door. We enter through this door at least twice each day without even being conscious of it; each night when we go to sleep and again in the morning just before waking up. There is a reason we dream; we dream to access our higher consciousness, to touch back into our deeper soul. This is the time during which our body heals, repairs, and rejuvenates itself. This is also the time when our soul speaks to us. Unfortunately, we don’t always know or understand what it’s trying to tell us.

Our modern world is very left-brained oriented: logic, reason, facts, linear, sequential, and verbal. These processes are emphasized in nearly every aspect of our society, especially in education, careers, our thoughts around success and health, and more. We form our decisions around left-brain processes and we accept the validity of others’ decisions on the same premise.

There is another world – a powerful world – that comes in through the right brain. The right brain is creative and symbolic in nature, relying strongly on holistic models that are rooted in the subtle, intuitive, and felt-sense forms of knowing. We in the modern, western world call it “imagination” and “daydreaming,” and all but dismiss it as false flights of fancy.

Indigenous peoples the world over understood, however, the true power of this part of our brain. “Dreamtime” was considered a powerful realm full of knowledge, insight, medicine, and healing. They had ways of intentionally accessing this part of the higher consciousness by inducing trance-like states using drumming, dancing, plant medicines, or just by honing their own innate skills. Those that were skilled in this area were called Shamans, Medicine Men or Medicine Women. They could access deep, deep medicine and knowing because they tapped into the right brain. They were intentionally harnessing the power of the right brain, of dream time.

QHHT® accesses this same part of the brain, in a very simple and yet powerful way, and completely without external aids, or other trance-inducing processes. It is completely safe, and clients often feel relaxed and rested at the end of their session. Furthermore, you go in with an advocate, someone to make sure your questions are answered clearly and thoroughly. Your entire hypnosis session is recorded. Each subsequent listen to the recording reactivates this powerful healing state. The recordings grow and evolve with you; many have reported still finding insights and relevance in their recordings up ten to twelve years after their session!

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