What is Shamanism?

The Art of Shamanism is the ancient practice of harnessing altered states of consciousness in order to access the spiritual realms, seek out mystical knowledge, and initiate deep healing. Practiced the world over by ancient, indigenous tribes, shamanic methodologies connect humans to nature, to the cosmos, and to the deepest spiritual self.

Practicing shamanism helps us to rediscover – to remember – our connection to every aspect of life, including ourselves. Through these practices, we reactivate and invigorate our personal nexus within the web of life. This web connects all living things together; “higher order” beings as well as things that modern society tells us aren’t “alive” or “sentient.”  When we open our awareness, we can connect to and learn from all beings whether they be angels, ascended masters, gods/goddesses and great religious teachers, ancestors, animals, plants, trees, rocks, elementals (fire, water, air, etc.) and more.

Shamanic practices are rooted in ceremony and rituals. These practices help anchor the spiritual realm in our physical reality and encourage us to honor the sanctity of our human experience. One particular ritual that is of great service to the shaman’s growth is the Shamanic Journey. This ceremony allows the shaman to access non-ordinary realities through altered states of consciousness. Alternatively termed the “Dreamtime” or the “Other World,” this realm allows us to have access to our guides and ancestors – those that have a compassionate interest in helping us live our best life in accordance to our soul plan.

Shamanism is a path of knowledge, not of faith, and that knowledge cannot come from me or anyone else in this reality. To acquire that knowledge, including the knowledge of the reality of the spirits, it is necessary to step through the shaman’s doorway and acquire empirical evidence.

Michael Harner

The Ritual of Shamanic Journeying

Altered states of consciousness or trance states are more accessible than most realize. Humans are wired for these experiences. By shifting our brain wave state from Beta (active, awake) to Alpha – or even deeper states of Theta and Gamma – we are able to access these other shamanic realms. Every human naturally moves through these states daily when we sleep. Other techniques that utilize rhythm, such as drumming, rattling, gazing into a fire, and dancing, can help shift us into these altered states of consciousness. It’s estimated that 2% of humans can access these states through intention only, and I believe that this number is climbing rapidly as Gaia and humanity shift into higher dimensions and proceed through humanity’s Great Awakening.

With practice, most people can learn the ritual of shamanic journeying. This is a valuable skill as it allows you to access your own highest guidance without relying on others to pass information to you that may not suitable for your personal journey. For those starting on a shamanic path, I offer a 7 week class on foundational aspects of shamanic journeying (Coming Soon!). I also offer one-to-one support where we journey together, either in person or online. This type of support is valuable if you’re just starting to journey, are having trouble journeying on your own, or if you’re attempting to heal challenging aspects. Think of it like trying to work inside a tent; a trained shaman can hold the tent – or the container of the non-ordinary realm – open wide so that you can work inside this realm in a supported way. Journeying together, your powers and mine combine exponentially so that you are able to access powerful insights and healing.

What Happens During a Shamanic Journey?

Before we enter a shamanic journey, I lead you through exercises that allow you to anchor your energies and relax your physical body. These steps allow you to enter the altered state more completely and clearly.

Once inside the other realm, there are many possibilities for you to explore. You can meet and work with your guides, meet your ancestors and clear ancestral patterns, explore past lives or your akashic records, receive healing or initiation, develop your extra sensory perceptions and other gifts, access knowledge and explore the “library,” and much, much more.

What’s the Difference Between Shamanic Work and QHHT®?

Both techniques are powerful ways to access the subconscious and initiate deep healing. That said, there are specific times when one is more appropriate than the other.

Shamanic training, journeys, and clearings can be effectively done either online or in person because the work is done in the non-ordinary reality or the quantum realm. This work can be completed in defined segments, allowing for development of skills for self-mastery and a progressive deepening of healing work over time.

Because of the intense nature of QHHT®, this technique is done in person only with a trained facilitator. It is typically done as a one-time, deep session that explores past (or “other”) lives, as well as communication with the highest consciousness. Please visit https://rowan-wellness.com/qhht/ for more information.

Contact me if you have more questions on which technique is best for you.