Archetypal Consultation

Archetypes are multi-dimensional patterns, or blueprints, that give us a way to identify – and understand – key aspects of a personally trait or role we and others play. They were first defined by Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung but have been around as long as humans have been telling stories. The beauty of archetypes is that they are able to relay meaning despite time, culture, or locale; the messages and images they convey are nearly universal and timeless.

When we identify our own personal archetypal patterns, we’re touching into the magnetic guiding principles that play major roles in our lives, not only consciously, but also unconsciously. In this way, they provide us with a profound way to work another Jungian concept – our Shadow. This is because archetypes are multidimensional; they have a “light” aspect, which often displays when we’re acting consciously, as well as a “shadow” aspect, which appears when we’re acting unconsciously, particularly if we feel threatened, stressed, or uncared for.

By learning to identify your energy patterns, you will be able to gain a much greater vision of the meaning and purpose of your many experiences and relationships.

― Caroline Myss, Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential

Your Sacred Contract™

While there are many ways to work with archetypes in your spiritual journey, I specifically use the Caroline Myss method, as outlined in her work Sacred Contracts. In this methodology, she provides three modalities to understand and successfully work with a team of archetypal patterns. Why a “team?” Because none of us occupies only one role in life. We’re a multitude of aspects that collaborate – or sometimes interfere – with each other.

The first overall pattern that we look at is the Chart of Origin™. This chart includes 8 archetypal patterns that we identify in ourselves, plus 4 “survival” archetypes that each and every one of us share. These archetypes have played key roles in our lives since birth.

The Chart of Origin™ is a powerful tool of self-awareness and can be used as the foundation for further exploration into Journeys of Transformation™ and Fate to Destiny™, both of which are described below. (*These castings are each booked as separate, subsequent sessions to the Chart of Origin session.)

  • The Journey of Transformation™ addresses a present-day situation or aspect of yourself that you want to change in a short time. It spans approximately three months and gives you actionable steps toward your “destination.”
  • The Fate to Destiny Wheel™ is a year-long in-depth study to release a long-standing fated aspect of your psyche or life experience and invoke a higher destiny. It brings in the universal question of the difference between fate and destiny. The Journey of Transformation addresses transformation itself.

All the charts are an experiential exploration of alchemy, spiritual conversion, the hero’s journey, and even St. John of the Cross’ stages of the dark night of the soul. There are many ways to “be” in a chart, the depth available in all three of these is profound!

You can find additional information on archetypes from Caroline’s point of view on her page: sacred-contracts-and-your-archetypes

Schedule Your Archetypal Consultation

When you book an archetypal consulting session, the first thing thing we do is identify which eight patterns you feel prominently in your chart. The choice is yours! I merely assist at this point by clarifying the archetypes themselves. Once you’ve made your selections, I work your twelve total archetypes – the eight you selected plus the four survival archetypes we all share – into your Chart of Origin™. This chart gives insight on how each archetype presents in various aspects of your life, including strengths to leverage and challenges to watch out for. At this point, we’ll schedule a 1-hour online session together so that I can explain to you how each of your archetypes shows up in your life. Additionally, you’ll receive a detailed written analysis of your chart, so that you can refer to it time and again. You can schedule your archetypal consultation by visit my scheduling page: