Sheila Rumble

Sheila is a passionate intuitive healer. Her studies have carried her far into obscure realms and depths, and she has delighted in merging together many disparate approaches into one holistic, robust healing approach. She believes that the only way to heal the world is to heal oneself first, to cultivate a perspective that is honest, flexible, and compassionate. Through her own journey, she has learned that healing cannot happen on one plane alone, but must incorporate each layer of our being – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. To that end, she has studied extensively herbal healing and nutrition, breathing techniques, and other healing lifestyle approaches; shamanic journeying, meditation, and other divination techniques; and energetic modalities including vibration sound techniques, stone and crystal healing, and reiki. Sheila has undertaken an extensive and exhaustive journey of inner transformation and healing, and she brings the lessons of that ongoing journey forward to share with those she works with.

She is a certified in the following: QHHT® Level 2 Practitioner (Dolores Cannon’s Hypnosis Technique), Archetypal Consultant through Caroline Myss’ CMED Institute, Munay Ki Practitioner through the Four Winds Society, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, and is an ordained minister.

Sheila can assist you on your healing journey by providing support in these ways:

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®), Certified Level 2 Practitioner* This is a stand-alone modality and is offered in person only.
  • Archetypal Consulting using Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts® methodology.
  • Shamanic journeying (connection with higher self and spirit guides; clearing of patterns associated with past lives, ancestral epigenetics, or intrusions; integration of the self through soul retrieval, and more)
  • Expansion and growth of the “soul self” by examining one’s archetypes, stories, and via guidance received through spirit
  • Energetic clearing and balancing via the use of varied techniques including tuning forks, stone and crystal medicine, and Reiki
  • Meditation, breathing, and other “relaxation” techniques
  • Nutritional and lifestyle support
  • Herbal and homeopathic remedies
  • Ceremonial work including end-of-life, marriage/divorce, birth, or other spiritual transitions; house/land clearing

Sheila has spent her life in various locales, including Coastal NC, Cuba, Charleston, SC, and now Charlotte, NC. She holds BS degrees in Biochemistry and Chemistry, and a Masters in Software Engineering and Information Technology. When conventional medicine failed to help her heal an autoimmune/thyroid condition, her background in the more left-brained world of science led her first to pursue knowledge in nutrition and herbal medicine. Although these approaches helped her feel better, she knew she was far from “healed” and thus dove deeper into spiritual and energetic methodologies. This body of knowledge and dedication to healing later allowed her to achieve complete and total healing of a cancerous tumor. She passionately believes that we each have a path to journey, one which is divinely orchestrated so that we are motivated and inspired to cultivate our most healed, whole spiritual selves. Sheila currently resides just outside of Charlotte, NC on 18 beautiful acres with her four children.

Session Setting

For in-person sessions: To reference drive time, my office is less than a mile from Waxhaw Creek Rd and Mini Ranch Rd in Waxhaw. It’s a beautiful drive, leaving the chaos of town behind and allowing your energy to settle and harmonize before your session even begins. It’s an integral part of the process, allowing your body to connect back into nature and prepare for an amazing healing and soulful experience.

A Statement of Belief

Understandably, there are times when clients have the desire to know how I “order the world,” to determine whether I might be a good fit for them in the spiritual realm. This seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable request, so I’ll attempt here to outline my personal beliefs surrounding religion, specifically, and spirituality as a whole.

I do not prescribe to any particular religious beliefs. I believe that our religious texts, written and translated by men, are – intentionally or unintentionally – flawed to some indeterminable degree. Therefore, I believe it is up to each of us to discern how these texts and the system of beliefs they outline are to influence and direct our lives. I feel similarly when it comes to matters of spirituality. Whether for good intentions or bad, there’s no avoiding that some popular concepts in spirituality are flawed, perhaps even to the point of being dangerous. Again, this a matter that impels us to develop strong discernment and to be actively engaged in what we allow to influence and direct our lives.

From my point of view, I lack the wisdom or perspective to determine with 100% certainty which religion beliefs or doctrines are false and which are not, so I decline to do so. Instead, I leave the unanswerable questions for a later date and instead focus on what feels good and right for me in my inner world and for my evolution from the perspective of my soul. And what feels right is that there are topics within specific religions that overlap to an incredible degree with other religions or spiritual viewpoints. This leads me to believe that we humans have been given some universal truths that have withstood the extreme pressures placed upon them by ages of humans trying to understand and communicate them, and yes, possibly even distort them for ill-intention.

As to specific religious figures and their divinity; again, who am I to determine degrees of divinity when we all have a spark of divinity within our own souls? Instead, I choose to look at religious and spiritual figures from the viewpoint of – what are they trying to teach, to show, to help us? Jesus incarnated to show us that we have an amazing capacity for love and compassion. That he chose to do so within an embodied human form, well, that’s next level in my opinion. As all of us know, this human life isn’t for the faint of heart. Jesus showed us that we can still love through all the difficulties we face and that we can become evolved in our human forms and our soulful hearts. More than that, I decline to speculate on who or what Jesus was. To me, he’s an amazing teacher full of love and wisdom, and that’s enough for me. My viewpoint for other religious figures tracks similarly.

Why do I incorporate many shamanic ideas and practices into my approach? Because to me it seems a wise and necessary balance to the headiness that comes from many of our modern religious and spiritual practices. It reminds us to remain grounded – and humble – in this human experience, to stay present and connected to the life that is immediately surrounding us, not only in the physical realms but all realms. It reminds us that the Earth is alive, and her inhabitants are our companions, not our dominion. It’s not a supply closet for humanity, but a microcosm within a cosmos teeming with life. If we’re to be successful in the greater cosmos, it must first begin with our compassion and humility toward Earth itself.

From a client perspective, I work with anyone without regard to the specifics of faith. As I stated above, I decline to theorize whether someone’s beliefs are “true” or “not true.” Instead, my approach is rooted in uncovering limiting beliefs such that the client can expand into their greatest soul aspect while embracing a sense of love, compassion, empowerment, and sovereignty. 

If you have any questions regarding this or any other aspect of my practice, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

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