At Rowan Wellness, I combine a variety of traditional methodologies to help you achieve a fully-holistic health and wellness approach. I integrate aspects of traditional shamanism, breathing techniques, herbalism and nutrition, Reiki, vibrational sound and stone therapies, and more, to interact with and balance the body’s subtle energetic systems. Additionally, I offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®). I work with you to identify the major archetypes, patterns, and stories that are operating in your life, and assist you in leveraging these to bring balance, healing, and empowerment into focus so that you can live your best, strongest life!

“On a recent visit to the Charlotte area (I live in Virginia), I was able to squeeze in a treatment session with Sheila. It was amazing!!! The gorgeous treatment space immediately set me at ease. I could feel the stress of travel and life fall away. She found problem areas in my body that I had not mentioned to her and set about healing them. She has beautiful and amazing tools but it is her intuitive nature, kind energy and healing gifts that really set this experience apart from others I have had. I will definitely be back every time I’m in the area! Rowan Holistic Healing and Wellness gets my highest recommendation!”


“A mutual friend recommended that I call Sheila. She has both a warm, compassionate manner and a breadth of knowledge. Sheila was very clear with me that I needed to trust myself first and foremost, which was very EMPOWERING. She really sought to teach me how to find answers on my own and she gave me many tools to use; even so, I can’t wait to schedule another session and will definitely plan on an in-person session with her next time I’m in Charlotte! You should DEFINITELY give her a try!”


“I had ZERO experience with energy healing prior to my session. Sheila was a comforting, patient guide who took her time explaining what we were doing and giving me lots of support as we worked through some very emotional events in my life. I have a long way to go, but I’m encouraged knowing I have someone like Sheila to support me on this journey.”


“I’ve worked with Sheila in person and by phone. Wow! I highly recommend both if you can. Our in person session was simultaneously relaxing and invigorating. By phone, she led me on a guided meditation that gave me some incredible insights to issues I’ve been having. Her approach is gentle and comforting and I’ve made so much progress! I highly recommend a session with her!”


“Wealth. As I sit here, searching for a word to describe what Sheila has given me, wealth is the word that comes. My heart and body and spirit feel so very full with the guidance, understanding, and healing that I have gathered in my sessions with her. My hands and heart can barely hold the gifts I have been given. Though I am deeply thankful for the many practitioners that have held space for me and facilitated my healing work, most of them are only able to walk so far with me before they must turn back. It gets too deep, too dark, too powerful – too much. This is not so with Sheila. She is not afraid. She is tapped in to Source. She can hold the space. And she is a gifted and generous, wise and loving guide along the way. To work with Sheila is to be seen and loved and heard by the Universe – by Spirit. I am so grateful we connected.”


“I’ve worked with many healers, and the thing I like about working with Sheila is that she uses a technique that I can use on my own between sessions. This has been incredibly empowering for me. I still love having sessions with her, as something about the container she provides allows me to go deeper and tackle harder issues, but now I have a way to work on myself as needed as well. She encourages me to trust myself, my intuition, and by working with her, I have a clearer relationship with my guides. She is very open and supportive of my journey, always encouraging me to own my healing process. I appreciate her gentle approach in helping me claim my divine sovereignty.”


“I started working with Sheila when my father was ill. She was a great help to me during this time of transition. With her support, I was better able to cope with his disease and his subsequent death. She helped me process my difficult relationship with him, to see it in a new light, and that was a great comfort to both him and me. Through her own journey, she understands the grieving process and I appreciate the support and insights she provided us. A great gift during a most difficult time.”

StephanieThrough Death and Grief

“I was feeling very stuck and every avenue I pursued seemed to shut down. I was feeling exhausted and defeated, having no idea which direction to turn. I felt like I couldn’t trust my intuition any more, and this made me incredibly sad and depressed on top of all else. A friend suggested I do a QHHT session with Sheila. I had an amazing “other” life experience and came away understanding how everything – absolutely everything! – has played a role in moving me along in this lifetime. Not only am I not stuck, or cursed, but my intuition has actually been dead on the whole time. Now I see that each “failure” was actually a puzzle piece, a necessary part of a larger picture. My session with Sheila allowed me to see a larger picture, and to regain trust in myself.”


“I recently did a QHHT session with Sheila. It was incredible. She’s a good listener, very compassionate and understanding. I felt very comfortable talking with her and I don’t think I’ve ever really told my story in that way before. That alone was worth a session. I wasn’t entirely sure about the hypnosis part. I’ve tried meditating in the past but don’t feel that I’m very good at it. My mind just goes on constantly. She was patient and reassuring me constantly through the session and before I knew it, I had surrendered to the part of me that was connected to a higher wisdom. I was still somewhat aware, but it wasn’t the “me” I’m familiar with. The part of me that is negative and doubting. This part of me “knew” things I didn’t know that I knew. It was loving. The experience was incredibly powerful.”


“I’d never met Sheila before my session, but she saw me, knew me. She held space for me and let me feel heard. I didn’t realize how much I really needed that. She’s very good at what she does!”


This experience was amazing from start to finish. I had a QHHT session that was unbelievably life changing. Sheila was able to tap into my subconscious and guide me through past lives up until present. Explaining so much about my current situation. I have dived into the mystic many of times. This was by far the most valuable session I have ever had. The best part was it was inside me all along. I cannot recommend the QHHT session enough. Money well spent.


Sheila’s experience and intuition are top notch. She weaves together logic, psychology, and spiritual insight to help you truly hear your own voice and to sort through patterns and stories that may be keeping you stuck. Plus, her space and land are beautiful and I felt immediately at peace in her presence. Sometimes you meet people and you just know they are doing what they were put on this Earth to do.


Loved this experience with Sheila at Rowan Wellness. Her disposition is perfection for someone, like myself, that is high-strung. Her office is relaxing & spa like. I learned so much about myself thru this hypnosis/past life regression. Sheila takes the time to ask important questions & get to know you- effortless work on my part. I was able to relax & just enjoy- she had light snacks & beverages available too. I highly recommend this for everyone: it’s such an incredible tool on getting to understand ourself on a much deeper level. Sheila records your session too- so you can listen to it in case you forget anything covered during your session. Added bonus: getting to relax again & again, while hearing your recorded session! Love Rowan Wellness- thank you so much Sheila!!


I enjoyed connecting to and learning from my higher self, but I also just enjoyed time with Sheila. You can truly feel how she is such a genuine healer and even just talking to her with was therapeutic. I initially did QHHT but also decided to continue other forms of treatment with Sheila because I trust her and I’m interested in what else I could learn from her and with her. I highly recommend her!


Outstanding experience! Sheila is so very patient and interested in what you have to say. She is quite intuitive coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience. If you want to know more about yourself, you should have a session with Sheila. Well worth the time and money spent! Strongest recommendation.


Fantastic experience working with Sheila! She really made me feel that she truly cares about the people she works with, and she is so warm and welcoming. Do yourself a favor and have a QHHT session with her!


Sheila has such a gift of insight and perception. Her ability to tap into the flow, see beyond the veil, and hold space is incredible! Her words are also medicine.
She has helped me receive knowledge from other realms, taught me protection techniques, and most importantly has been a mirror so that I can see my own intuitive gifts.
If you are in need of a soul-full and experienced medicine woman, I highly recommend Sheila!

RebeccaMedicine Woman

I booked a QHHT session after realizing my healing journey had hit a plateau. I felt that my personal story was truly heard and received a valuable list of recommendations to explore in addition to the QHHT. I found the session to be very helpful and would highly recommend working with Sheila Rumble at Rowan Wellness.


I recently did a QHHT session with Sheila and it was an amazing experience. Sheila is a true professional, but more so a loving, open, and empathic person. Even though this was my first time meeting her, I felt completely comfortable divulging my most inner thoughts and dreams, which she received openly and without any prejudice or criticism. Sheila is truly gifted at making you feel welcome and safe. I’m immensely grateful for her guidance and the positive environment she curates in her space. I’m eager to continue working with Sheila to assist in my spiritual journey.


Sheila is an amazing soul. Her welcoming, nurturing way will have you comfortable within seconds of meeting her. Our journey was one of the most amazing experiences in my life of 45 years. I will and would return for another session and as a new friend! Each person’s experience I know will be different so I won’t get into details but we unlocked some very crucial things that needed to be released. Things I wasn’t even aware of. If you are even considering this journey to see Sheila, stop thinking and start doing! You will not be disappointed or regret one second of this experience. I’m so humbled and grateful for her presence on earth as a soul healer! She is an angel for sure and you’ll feel that as you arrive to her home! I could keep going but you just have to experience it for yourself! Much love and thanks to you !


I had a wonderful experience during my QHHT session with Sheila. She is a very caring, understand, beautiful soul. I felt comfortable and accepted by her right away. She listened to my life story and validated my experiences. She has a very soothing and comforting voice that guided me through the hypnosis. I was able to access knowledge on a deeper level than before and I felt a personal transformation and healing after the session. I feel very blessed to have made a connection with Sheila. I’m feeling more integrated with my higher self now and enjoying my life more fully. The new perspective has helped me see fears that I was holding on to and gave me the tools to face them, leading to less stress and more understanding. I will always remember this day as one of the most beautiful. Thank you so much, Sheila! Keep up the good work. You are helping so many. Blessings to you!