In order for you to have the best possible session, I wish to share with you some observations I’ve made in the course of offering not only QHHT® sessions, but also many of the other techniques I use.

Is QHHT® real? Yes. It’s as real as you allow it to be.

Is QHHT® 100% accurate? Yes. It’s as accurate as you need it to be.

Allow me to explain . . .

Is QHHT® Real?

For a moment or two, let’s dive into the technical. Our brains operate in three modes:

LEFT BRAIN: Often called “the digital brain;” when we’re in left-brain mode, we are thinking in linear, concrete terms. This part of the brain is often concerned with rules, logic, sequence, and structure. It likes quantifiable data and is our critical thinker. When we’re operating in left-brain mode, we’re analytical and judgmental, and we communicate in verbal terms.

RIGHT BRAIN: in the right brain, we’re obtaining information in a holographic, abstract fashion. This part of the brain is highly visual and communicates in symbols and metaphors. It rules creativity, imagination, and intuition. It likes to see a part in relation to the whole (holistic). When we’re operating in right-brain mode, we’re more concerned with environment, context, and the bigger picture. We tend to describe things more emotionally and sensually.

WHOLE BRAIN: Some people naturally use both sides of their brains, one being more dominant depending on the situation. Others, such as the right-brain dominant, may have had to develop their left-brain skills in order to exist in our very left-brain worlds.

We exist in a predominately left-brain society. Our society places a great deal of emphasis on right vs. wrong, facts, being right, quantifiable data (even experiences!). It’s very linear and verbal, and focuses on science and technology. We can see clear evidence of this just by taking a quick look at our educational system, which promotes STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Math) programs while defunding the Arts and Humanities programs. It’s gotten to the point that we fail to teach our children basic life skills such as practical math, home economics, shop. Children who are predominately right-brain individuals must learn how to fit into a left-brain world lest they get left behind.

What Does the Brain Have to do with QHHT®?

Practitioners often speak of QHHT® being a right-brain dominant modality. We usually speak in these terms to contrast the QHHT® process compared to other more conventional therapies and techniques. Modern medicine is very left-brain oriented. Very little is diagnosed or addressed when you seek medical care until it is quantifiable via tests, scans, or other measurements. Even some alternative-medicine therapies lean to the left such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, and even homeopathy. To contrast, traditional healing modalities rooted in Shamanism are very right-brain in nature, because medicine men and women often achieve healing by “journeying” to alternate realities and realms, or obtain information from non-physical entities.

QHHT® is actually a whole brain technique in the following way: sessions revolve around verbal communication (left brain) between the client and practitioner. Clients formulate questions on the information they’re seeking and the practitioner relates these to the client during the trance. The client must then communicate what information is coming through, back to the practitioner – and the recorder – via words.

However, it is the right brain that is retrieving the information obtained by the client during the session. Clients are encouraged to use all means available to retrieve information – visual, auditory, feelings or other sensations, even smell and taste. In my experience, clients do make use of the visual, sensory, and emotional responses the most when they’re obtaining information, but not always. Interestingly, I’ve had a client with Aphantasia – which is a very rare inability to form voluntary images in the mind’s eye – and she had a very successful session, even activating the right brain to such an extent that she was able to get visual images. This goes to prove, perhaps, that it’s not all “imagination.” Which leads me to my next point…

QHHT® Can and Does Produce Verifiable Data

I have had multiple sessions in which people received information that they were able to verify afterwards. For example, if enough information is retrieved about a past life, during a body scan, or from the portion of the session with the SC (termed the subconscious by Dolores but is actually what we refer to as the high(er/est) consciousness or superconsciousness), it is sometimes possible to validate this information in the real world.

I had one client that experienced a past life as royalty. Immediately after the session, the client remembered enough of the visual aspects of the castle and the garments worn that a Google search helped to identified the country and person that was witnessed in that life.

Another client was given a visual image of a person that is one of her guides, as well as a first name. One aspect of the visual appearance was so distinctive that she was able to do a Google search on it. When traced it back to its creator, she found he bore the same name she was given as belonging to her guide.

I could go on and on relating to you the cases where people have retrieved places, names, or details that they were able to trace back in history via Google search, medical details that were later confirmed via medical diagnostic techniques, or aspects of a relationship that the other person later confirmed were true.

Does this mean YOU will obtain verifiable information in YOUR session? Only your SC can answer that, which I’ll discuss more below – “Is QHHT® 100% Accurate.”

The key point being made – Is QHHT® Real? – is YES. People have made many confirmations that are outside the realm of statistical possibly.

Will I be Able to Validate the Information I Receive in my Session? Is QHHT® 100% Accurate?

In order to have the best possible session, you must be able and willing to do these things:

  • SURRENDER control of the outcome to the SC (your high(er/est) consciousness or superconsciousness.)
  • TRUST that the information you receive is what the SC has determined you need (but not necessarily what you want).

Why surrender and trust? Because any attempt to control the information you receive in order to meet your expectations (your wants and desires) puts you – strongly – into the left brain. Remember, the left brain is concerned with the analytical mind and it is the analytical mind that determines not only fact, but also conformity to a desired or predicted outcome.

The Ego (also termed the subconscious in modern psychiatry) serves a very important function for us; it’s concerned with our survival and safety. As such, it operates firmly in the realm of the left brain because it analyzes everything to determine if something is known or unknown, safe or unsafe. If we hold firm, high expectations of who or what we are, for instance, this becomes entangled with our sense of safety and survival; thus, the left brain is activated.

In order to have a successful session, we must be willing to suspend (surrender) expectations of how our session will look, and trust that our highest consciousness knows what we need. Remember, not only does it know us better than we know ourselves, it sees from a very high vantage point, through time and space.

To give an example of this, one client came for a session wanting very much to see a life on another planet. She did indeed see another life – that of a rock! Not exactly what she was hoping for! How did we know it was another planet? There were multiple suns and one was a purplish color rather than our yellowish-orange. She watched day in and out as the sky changed, but was not able to move or even change her viewpoint. All she could do was stare upwards at the sky. Why did her SC show her this life? Because in this life, she has high expectations for herself and is always shifting from one thing to another before she even has time to determine what’s right for her. Her SC said she needed to slow down and be willing to sit with herself before making decisions or changes. Another very interesting aspect of this life as a rock was that she could sense but not see other lifeforms around her. She was encouraged to develop this skill more in this life.

Now you see that there must be a willingness to open up to things outside of your normal frame of reference. During the session, I tell people that you must ask that analytical part of the mind to sit to the side of the room and not talk. You can’t kick it out because then it not only won’t leave, it’ll chatter the entire time. This analytical chatter takes you out of the right side of the mind – the place you need to be to get this type of higher information – and puts you into the left; the place of fear and survival.

One amazing thing that I and others have noticed in sessions that further validates the information received – when we suspend the analytical side of our mind, we are able to access profound information; information that our conscious minds have never remotely dreamed of.  Connections and conclusions are made from complex patterns that our rational human minds have been unable to conceptualize.

So – will your session yield 100% accurate, verifiable information? Perhaps – if that’s what your superconsciousness determines you need. You will not get this type of information simply because you want it, however. Also keep in mind that the known, provable universe is an infinitesimal part of all there is. There is much that simply cannot be proven at this time from this vantage point.

What is the Sacred Imagination?

Our sacred imaginations have been all but buried in our modern society. By design or not, it’s clear that we live in a world dominated by the known, the seen, the quantifiable – the “Science.” To be clear, I’m not anti-science, not in the least. My career started as a biochemist, and later as a computer programmer. I love science and I liked the analytical world of creating linear processes via computer programs to model complex events. But what I’ve noticed in our society over time is a definite skewing in preference towards to the left brain rather than the right brain.

Not to reveal my age, but when I was a kid, we lived in the country. We got three television stations and they were over an antenna, so the picture wasn’t usually very clear. When I was about seven, the first Atari console came out but I didn’t play it much; the graphics weren’t engaging, nor were the story lines. Later, when we moved oversees, we only had one television station. We didn’t have a home computer until I was in high school, and again, it was so cumbersome that I didn’t use it much. I never used the internet until I was a senior in college and I was forced to for a research project. In a very fortunate way, I didn’t spend my formative years in front of screens. I played outside – a lot – and I read – a lot. I read fictional stories that engaged my creative mind and I read for information. Luckily for me, these past times allowed me to access my intuitive nature and to exercise my creative imagination.

The sacred imagination needs room and permission to come forward. It doesn’t come into busy, preoccupied minds. It won’t be able to manifest in minds that have been inundated with too much visual or auditory stimuli. It doesn’t come into minds preoccupied with fear, anxiety, anger, grief, or expectation.

In today’s world, nothing is left to the imagination. We’re immersed in sensory information – visual and auditory – nearly 24/7. This information is so strong that it can cause a white out of our subtle sensory systems. Moving forward, I believe that methods such as shamanic journeying and QHHT®, and others, will become vitally important for those wishing to reactivate these subtle systems.

Incidentally, the left-brain does play a vital role once we enter the spiritual or metaphysical realms. The left brain helps us with discernment. When it works in concert with the right brain, we can be open-minded without becoming trapped in pure fantasy. The left-brain also helps us to analyze the information and guidance we receive as well as determine how to implement it, including how – and when – this information should be communicated to others.

Remember, it’s not about one half of the brain versus the other. One side isn’t better or worse. They each serve important functions and the only reason to focus on one over the other is in an effort to develop it or bring it to greater maturity. We are leaving the 3D realm of duality and entering the 5D realm of holism. Our goal is integration and balance of both the right and left brain.

How do I Know if I’m Able to Have a Successful QHHT® Session?

Remember, QHHT® utilizes our natural brain states, states that we enter into at least twice each day without even thinking about it. If you sleep, you can have a QHHT® session. I discuss the process more on my QHHT page.

But as I explained above, some sessions will yield better information than others. Following are things that can impact your outcome:

  • Too much expectation
  • Fear of what you might see or hear from your superconsciousness (anticipating judgement, blame, humiliation)
  • Being in heightened states of the sympathetic response (fight-flight-freeze response; this particularly happens when we’re in the midst of processing trauma or tragedy)
  • Self-described Type-A personalities or “Control-Freaks” (which are fundamentally simply ways that we express the above conditions)
  • Closed questions

Being in the above states activate the wrong hemisphere of the brain.

These states do not mean you can’t have a session, but your session may yield less. I, and other QHHT® practitioners, have many techniques for getting around the left brain, but if it’s constantly popping up during your session, i.e. demanding attention and dictating what is allowed to come in, or what is allowed to be communicated to me and to the recorder, then not only is time wasted, but key information can be lost.

Only once have I had a session that I would consider “unsuccessful.” The client had, in recent months, experienced a profound trauma. When she went into the trance state, she could only see large doors with no knob or handle to open them or a series of walls, one after the other. Every time we started to get somewhere, it would go black, or the doors and/or walls would appear. This session wasn’t unsuccessful because the client couldn’t enter into the trance state; she was getting information. But because she was still processing intense emotions and her fight-flight-freeze response was very active, her mind was unable – or unwilling – to see. In this case, it’s difficult to determine if it was the subconscious left brain popping in or the SC was actually making a statement to the effect of “she’s not ready.” Either way, this illustrates my earlier statement – the client must be both willing and able to go into trance to retrieve information. Though this extreme case is rare, it illustrates that the client must be receptive to receiving information.

How Can I Have a Better Session?

You will have a far more productive session if you commit to these things:

  • A willingness to have fun with it.
  • A willingness to suspend disbelief during your session (you have a recording that you can analyze if you need to.)
  • Curiosity and an open-mind.
  • Trust that your SC relays information that is only in your highest good.

Additionally, these things can help:

  • Ask open-ended questions (not closed questions that have parameters such as “this or that.” Open-ended questions allow for other possibilities than you can currently imagine and they give the SC space, and permission, to answer fully. For instance: What is my Purpose? is a better question than “Is my Purpose X or Y?”) Your practitioner can help you formulate good questions if you’re having trouble.
  • For 1 – 3 days before your session, minimize screen time, especially television and videos. This allows your extra-sensory perceptions to come back online.
  • For 1 – 3 days before your session, be out in nature, daydream, create art or music. These activate your right-brain.
  • Practice quiet meditation or other forms of guidance retrieval. These allow you to get comfortable with a quiet mind and help you develop trust.

What QHHT® is Not.

QHHT® is not like what most people associate with hypnosis. Remember, we’re working with the highest consciousness and that part of us is ONLY concerned with our highest good and our growth into our greatest potential.

  • This isn’t the Las Vegas style of hypnosis that has people clucking like a chicken. The highest consciousness will not ever humiliate you because this isn’t in your highest potential.
  • It is not a memory retrieval or modification tool like you see forensic psychiatrists performing on television shows. When clients wish to either repress or retrieve traumatic memories, the SC often declines to perform such work. What it usually does instead is give tools for healing the trauma and integrating the experience. However, there are times where those seeking to retrieve memories are successful, if the retrieval of this information does not in any way harm the well being of the client. For instance, if a client wishes to retrieve memories about supernatural or extraterrestrial experiences, the SC will often give that information if the client has reached a state of openness and receptivity.
  • It’s not going to rewire your brain for behavior modification such as smoking cessation, weight loss, productivity, and similar. The SC will, however, help you understand why the pattern exists, how it can be changed, and will release anything being held in the body that is contributing to the issue. It wants to help you in the very best way possible, but it won’t infantilize you. We are here for growth and we grow through doing.

QHHT® is a gentle method, one in which the highest consciousness works in harmony with the client. It will not force and it does not create harm. Similarly, the SC won’t encourage or allow us to escape into fantasy and illusion. That isn’t productive to our highest potential either. It will speak compassionate truth in a way that is conducive to your highest good.

Additional QHHT® Information Regarding Expectations

Other things worth knowing before your session:

1. If you’re familiar with Dolores’ work, such as the Convoluted Universe series, you might be hoping to have such a session yourself. If this is in your highest good and you are open to it, you will. If your SC has more important things to communicate to you – such as acceptance, stillness, or appreciation – it may present something very different. Many of us are opening up naturally to awareness of these extraordinary other lives, and sometimes what is needed for a person such as this is to encourage a sense of groundedness and a reminder that for now, we are human and must experience a human life. Remember that Dolores’ work pulls from thousands of sessions. She herself said most people experience a “digging potatoes” past life. It may not meet our expectation for the grandiose, but I guarantee you that your SC has a very good reason to show you what it does!

2. When most people think of hypnosis, they think of “waking up” with no memory of what happened during the trance, thus experiencing feelings of surprise, and perhaps even shock, to discover what they said while under hypnosis. This type of experience indicates a Theta trance state. This state is very deep. Dolores often achieved this level of trance with her clients in the earlier days. However, according to many long time practitioners, the number of clients achieving theta since about 2012 is getting smaller. This is not a failure of this excellent technique nor a lack of ability in the practitioner. It is an indication of the times we’re entering into – The Awakening. We are leaving a period of being asleep and waking up to being fully conscious of all our many aspects.

Consider this … we are being subjected to subliminal programing nearly all of our supposedly “waking” hours. This isn’t conspiracy theory. Advertising companies have known for a long time that we enter a light alpha trance state within a minute of television watching, and they use this state to influence us to buy their product. They drown us in high volume, happy pictures, and they instill in us an intense need and desire. Others are using this susceptibility towards trance states to condition as well. Consider TV shows that subtly, and not so subtly, condition us towards particular political and social viewpoints. Notice as well how they effectively ostracize the characters that don’t conform to this desired way of thinking, often by depicting them as crazy or dangerous.

This type of conditioning creates mindless zombies. We are designed to be empowered and sovereign beings in touch with our own divinity as well as the divinity of the universe. Thus, those that have awakened and are aware of this “matrix,” are not as easily hypnotized. (Rest assured, you can still achieve trance state, though; it just isn’t this unconscious trance state.)

Also consider our next evolutionary purpose – integration of our many aspects. We are leaving behind a world of either/or. Are you getting information from your ego/subconscious or your highest consciousness? Now – we are learning to allow the two to coexist. How can we achieve our highest purpose and still maintain safety in our human form? Imagine you are the leader of a team, and in order to consult with each member of your team, you are only able to speak to them one to one in separate rooms. That’s not efficient nor effective. Instead, our leader does best with all the key members of his/her team present together in one room, allowing for constructive discussions with all contributors. This only happens, however, if each team member takes turns speaking and no one is attempting to out-shout or censor the other. This is exactly what we’re evolving to; a cooperative relationship between our physical aspect that controls our ego (sometimes termed shadow or subconscious) and our highest consciousness (or star soul).

Thus, many clients are now experiencing a lighter state of trance – alpha – during which they are aware. This can throw clients off because as soon as they realize they have more than one aspect of themselves present, the questions and analysis start. This is the Ego – that very vocal, analytical part of ourselves – attempting to outshout the quieter voice of our highest consciousness. Remember, the Ego –  in our normal, everyday lives – speaks all the time. Our higher consciousness doesn’t get nearly the same amount of time and that is why a QHHT® is being conducted in the first place. Because we’re still learning this form of integration, the client must be willing to take conscious control of their session, directing the Ego to sit to the side and to allow the SC to speak. Sometimes this must happen multiple times in a session. This is what I talk about as “suspending disbelief.” If you must, remind the Ego that it will have a chance to speak, and analyze, while listening to the recording. It should not be allowed to influence or direct the QHHT® session, though, because it’s not its turn to speak.

Another purpose of being aware during a session is that the client remains very connected to the information and healing received. When one goes deep into Theta, anything that isn’t captured on the recording might be lost because there’s no conscious memory of the session. In Alpha, however, the client – when prompted through something said on the recording – often remembers in detail everything they saw or experienced, not just what they were able to communicate out loud.

I do, however, have clients that go into the theta state. Most often they are people that regularly communicate with their higher consciousness, guides, and guardians, and/or receive information from the unseen realms. Mediums, Psychics, or those that do Channeling or Shamanic Journeying, as well as various other techniques, have a great deal of practice entering these higher realms to retrieve information. (Incidentally, this trend does not seem to apply to those that rely on hallucinogenic compounds in order to enter into trance. I suspect this is because they’re relying on the substance to do the work of opening the door to the other realm as well as help to suspend disbelief.)

Additionally, most people that come for a second session often go deeper. QHHT® is designed as a one-time modality, but occasionally people wish to have a second session for a variety of reasons. I believe that in these subsequent sessions, clients know what to expect and also know me – the practitioner – better. Thus, they are able to achieve deeper states of relaxation. Furthermore, they don’t have the Ego – through worries of safety or expectations – jumping in as often. This is why I encourage those that are considering a session to have a willingness to suspend not only disbelief, but expectation. While QHHT® is a deeply effective method, it needs to be given the space to work.

The point is – so much is possible with QHHT®.  The facilitator (practitioner) doesn’t control the session and nor should the client attempt to (with the exception of directing the ego to observe but not comment). This is a time to allow the highest consciousness to speak with free authority and without the heavy burden of expectation and disbelief. Be open to the experience, trusting that the session evolves in your – the client’s – highest good.

Your Highest Consciousness is Loving and Wise.

Finally, let me reiterate this very important point. I often see people that are afraid of what their highest consciousness will reveal to them. I believe this is because we mistakenly confuse the role of the subconscious (here referring to the ego) with the highest consciousness.

Our ego performs a very important job. It oversees our safety and security. While this part of us may be very developed, that doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily very mature. Consider the person who believes they must work all the time, never stopping to sleep or have fun. They push themselves harder and harder, often motivating themselves through negative self-talk – ‘You’re not doing enough. You’re not working enough. You’re weak. You could do better.’ Our Ego can function in exactly this way.

“Type-A” people are often caught in this type of loop. It’s not a bad thing to push yourself. It IS a bad thing to push yourself always to the point of exhaustion, never allowing for success, rest, or fun. Type-A people have very active egos and seek control as a method of protection. They have very high expectations – usually much higher for themselves than others – but again, this is an attempt to outrun fears.

The ego believes if it can control a situation enough, then safety and security can be guaranteed. Unfortunately, it often attempts this at great personal risk. The ego will accept all sorts of blame and guilt because it believes that if it’s at fault, then there’s something there that’s within its control (versus the uncontrollable nature of it being in someone else’s hands). Known is safer than unknown, thus it keeps someone trapped in cycles or patterns even if they’re ultimately destructive (“the devil you know”). The ego is always about: Have I seen this before? As well as – How can I control the outcome?

Your highest consciousness is loving, kind, and compassionate. It is wise, astute, and far-seeing.

Remember, we’re living in a time of integration. We must learn to understand and accept our Ego. It’s very good at its job of protection. But there are other aspects of us that are more loving and wise – our highest consciousness. It’s this aspect that allows us to expand into our highest potential.

In all my sessions, I’ve not once heard the highest consciousness talk to the self with anything but love and compassion. It is not our egos. It doesn’t blame or assign guilt. It doesn’t ridicule us in an attempt to keep us small (and safe).

It sees everything with a far broader perspective. It sees us and all our actions in terms of our soul’s growth and evolution. At the same time, it doesn’t excuse those things we need to improve. The difference here, however, is that our highest consciousness communicates these things in a loving, nurturing, productive way. Our SC will steer us towards empowerment and acceptance of our divine sovereignty every time. It never sees “failure,” only opportunity.

This part of us is also very powerful. It holds all the knowledge but also profound wisdom. It is this part through which we are able to achieve incredible healing of the physical body but also guidance on how to break free of negative patterns, release trapped emotions, and more.

Who doesn’t want to access this highest part of themselves, to hear these messages of unconditional love and guidance? We deserve to know our potential. We have the ability to evolve into our highest, greatest selves. In fact, we owe it to humanity.