Who are the Elohim? The Divine Mystery Unveiled

Who are the Elohim? They are divine beings that are referred to in a number of mythological and religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and the pre-Canaanite religion. The Hebrew word Elohim, which means “gods” or “deities,” is frequently used to refer to the one God of the Abrahamic faiths. However, the phrase was used to denote a group of deities who oversaw various aspects of the natural world in the ancient Canaanite religion.

Who are the Elohim in Judaism?

The Elohim are considered to be one of the angelic orders in Judaism and often associated with authority, justice, and judgment. The Elohim are referenced in Genesis 1:1 of the Hebrew Bible and given credit for creating the heavens and the earth. They are referenced in Psalm 82 as well, where they are referred to as gods with the power to judge the earth. The Elohim are related to the sephirah of Geburah, which stands for power and justice, in kabalistic teachings.

Who are the Elohim in Christianity?

The Elohim are frequently compared to angels in Christianity and are viewed as God’s messengers. The Elohim appear in the New Testament book of Hebrews, stating that they are those who venerate God in heaven. But according to some Christian traditions, there is a separate class of divine beings called the Elohim that is higher to the angels in status.

Who are the Elohim in Islam?

The Elohim are additionally seen as a collection of divine beings in Islamic tradition who act as God’s agents and helpers. They are known as the “Malakut,” and it is said that they are in charge of upholding the universe’s order.

Who are the Elohim in Modern-Day Spirituality?

The Elohim are frequently connected to greater awareness in contemporary spirituality and are viewed as beings who can facilitate spiritual development and transformation. Some individuals think that prayer, meditation, and other spiritual activities can help them communicate with the Elohim.

Communication with the Elohim

As with any communication between you and beings in other dimensions and realms, it’s important to be clear that you are interacting with beings “of the light.” As has always been the case, but particularly now when the “static” in the astral and etheric realms is high, it can be difficult to discern who you’re speaking with and what their intentions are. Although some practitioners do work with lower orders of beings, such as in psychopomp work, unless you are highly trained in this sort of endeavor, you should not communicate with beings that are considered malicious or unwell.
How do you know? Here are a few strategies to help you:
1.) Work with an experienced practitioner that can help you discern intention through their own experience and developed intuition.
2.) Ask the being you’re communicating with if they are “of the light” or “embody Christ Consciousness.” (They are unable to lie or deceive in response to these two direct inquiries.)
3.) Ask to speak directly with one of the well-known archangels, such as Archangel Michael. Then explain that you would like to speak with [ ] (in this case an Elohim), and ask Archangel Michael for the introduction, if appropriate. If the communication will be for your highest good, he will connect you with an appropriate member of that order.


Even though the Elohim are frequently compared to angels, they are not thought to be the same. While the Elohim are frequently linked with power, judgment, and creation, angels are thought of as God’s messengers. The Elohim are regarded in some traditions as a separate race of divine creatures that is superior to the angels.

My view is this: whenever I find an idea represented in multiple religions or other traditions, I feel that there is a fairly high certainty that the idea has some veracity, in this case, that the Elohim are real and have had some substantial influence throughout the course of human evolution and history. Beyond that, I believe we must rely on our own inner sense of who and what they are. In this particular case, I believe that the Elohim are high vibrational beings that can be called upon in times when particular aid is needed, or when one is seeking to expand their understanding of the cosmos. Whether they are the same as or ranked higher or lower than angels, seems to me to be a “human” concern that originates in dense energetic constructs that derive from our obsession with status and labels.


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