Episode 1: 2020 and the Dark Night of the Soul

2020 has been a time of intense chaos and triggering, as we face The Dark Night of the Soul on every level – individually, culturally, as a country, and globally. Never before have we faced such profound dismantling of illusion and triggering of wounds as we have this year.

(Be warned – this is my first *EVER* podcast! Many things to work on, but a lesson in -> Better done and imperfect than never done at all <-.

So please excuse the various technical and stylistic stumbles, including sounding like I’m recording in a cave (I’m not, LOL), and WAAAYYYY too many “Umm”s as I try to synch up my train of thought with my voice…

…Also – the screaming child in the background is my gamer-boy in the other room getting rowdy during a game, LOL.)