Episode 3 – Shadows, Archetypes, and their Integration

In 2020, part of the difficulties we’re facing are that our shadows, on all levels, are rising up, demanding to be integrated. Like a monster relegated to the basement, unfairly condemned, unloved, and neglected, these shadows – out of sight and yet in full access and control of all our vital components such as our energetic systems, our unconscious responses, our emotions, and more – are quite literally taking us for a ride. In our condemnation of them, however, we fail to see them in their full, multi-layered powerful archetype forms, forms that hold great potential for healing not only ourselves, but in offering tools, space, understanding and more towards others.

I cover the four survival archetypes as presented by Caroline Myss in her own archetypal work – the child, the victim, the saboteur, and the prostitute, as well as others – and discuss how they are featuring prominently in 2020, how we can view them with a more empowering perception, accept, embrace, and leverage them towards healing.

Things got left out in the “redo” process:

  • Caroline Myss does an excellent, in-depth presentation of the victim and victim culture. (I don’t, unfortunately, have a link to share, but a dive into her archetypal discussions should lead you to it.)
  • I want to emphasize that the Prostitute archetype, though we have a negative connotation around that idea (and profession), is not inherently bad in any way IF a conscious choice is made that includes consideration of the soul/emotion aspect. Our currency in this world and our tribe is our gifts (art, thoughts, skills, body, and more) and in order to “trade for” our survival, we MUST sell at some level. The Prostitute is about ensuring we’re being very clear about what’s being sold and why (this means a clear understanding and acceptance of inherent value, needs, and consequences), and demanding fair payment or gain in reciprocation.
  • Child Archetypal Shadows and 2020. I made a comment on “temper tantrums.” First, I focused on the public display of temper tantrums, but forgot to mention the online display as well (including cancel culture). Both are forms of temper tantrums and are not limited to one side or the other on any issue. Earlier in the podcast, I say explicitly that temper tantrums are a more desperate attempt at communication. Keeping that in mind, we understand that we are seeing in protests, riots, vehement/attacking/censoring online behaviors a “desperate attempt at communication.” The point to be made, however, is that it is the CHILD IN SHADOW that is behind these behaviors. Reasoning with an emotional, upset, raging child is ineffective and pointless and one of two things (or both) must happen; the “child” (in shadow archetype) must be allowed to completely expel the built up energy and frustration (ideally redirected (by themselves or through gentle, compassionate (ideal), or at least neutral, redirection) into an expression that is not dangerous or destructive) and/or the child in shadow must be encouraged to take a seat, while the adult archetype is prompted to emerge. Attempting to engage or “shout down” a child in tantrum (i.e. bringing our own child in shadow to the fight) will do nothing but extend and perhaps intensify the issue.
  • Vampire (in  shadow) archetypes and 2020. I said that vampires in shadow have yet to figure out how to derive their own internal energy and power and therefore must feed off the energy and power of those external to them. What got left off is the idea that vampires will constantly provoke drama, trigger responses, and more, in order to keep the energy level high, and to encourage someone to turn over their power. Vampires in shadow are those that seek to possess “power over” others, often mistaking it for the inherent power that is derived from standing in one’s healing and personal sovereignty.