Podcast – Episode 4: Thought Forms, Jealousy, and Evil

Thought forms are thoughts that have coalesced into an energetic pattern, a pattern that has accumulated enough “mass” (repetitive thoughts) that it is able to elicit emotions. Using these two mechanisms – thought and emotion, it now may also direct actions and behaviors. Thought forms are “parasitic” in nature; they are unable to derive their own energy and power and therefore must rely on external power sources. While a thought form may originate in one human, it can grow over time; so much so that it can appear to be under its own power and direction. Some thought forms have been with us for eons of time, sustaining themselves by always having masses of humans “plugged” in to feed it.

One way a single thought form can persist in this fashion is by being inserted into the shadow aspects of multiple archetypes. Like a “hive” mind, once it becomes activated in one archetype, it can activate itself within the shadow of other archetypes. This is why once we go into shadow mode, we go in through multiple archetypal patterns. Consider, for instance, the thought form jealousy. Once activated in a particular archetype, let’s say a wife archetype, we will see the shadow emerge in other patterns as well – the four survival archetypes surely (child, saboteur, prostitute, victim) as well as many other potentials; depending on person’s profile, we might also see savior, healer, vampire, mother, and more go into shadow as well.

I also present the consideration that the evil being we refer to by various names – Satan, the Devil, etc., is nothing more than a thought-form construct. This thought form has been around for so long that we’ve forgotten that isn’t an autonomous, sovereign being; it is nothing more than inanimate parasite that we forgot to turn off and unplug. Should we consciously withdrawal our energy from it (and take responsibility for our own manifested shadows), it would free up much of our energy, clear our vision, and make it easier for us to integrate our shadows, thereby ushering in a new era of possibilities, healing, and light.