“Wealth. As I sit here, searching for a word to describe what Sheila has given me, wealth is the word that comes. My heart and body and spirit feel so very full with the guidance, understanding, and healing that I have gathered in my sessions with her. My hands and heart can barely hold the gifts I have been given. Though I am deeply thankful for the many practitioners that have held space for me and facilitated my healing work, most of them are only able to walk so far with me before they must turn back. It gets too deep, too dark, too powerful – too much. This is not so with Sheila. She is not afraid. She is tapped in to Source. She can hold the space. And she is a gifted and generous, wise and loving guide along the way. To work with Sheila is to be seen and loved and heard by the Universe – by Spirit. I am so grateful we connected.”