During big events that impact people in painful, fearful ways, I have this strong desire, like most, to be of service. But I also know that even the best intentions can have unforseeable impacts that can be unhelpful, at best, detrimental, at worst. So I go within and seek guidance. And the guidance I receive is ALWAYS this. ? Not that there aren’t other helpful things to be done, but this is the supernova❣️

Because we cannot heal outside of ourselves, the purpose of this meditation is to identify something in you that is in need of healing related to or surrounding the global event and then radiate that healing outward onto the Earth grid like a supernova. This makes your “process” available as an energetic blueprint to others with similar patterns. This process is the process of Healers, allowing one to help facilitate global healing while preserving everyone’s Free Will in undertaking their own personal, inner healing journeys.

In the case of our current global upheaval, you might examine your fears around pathogens, illness, finances, systems collapse, etc. Go as close in as possible and work your way out. If your afraid of, in this case, getting sick with the virus, start there. Maybe you’re not afraid of this virus, but of illness more specifically. Start there. And so on…


?Deepen your breath, find your center. If you understand grounding, ground yourself. If you know how to open sacred space, open sacred space. (If you don’t, it’s ok – just continue…)

?Call in support from your guides, angels, ancestors, ascended masters, or others. Ask them to surround you, lend you strength and insight. (If you haven’t ever journeyed to meet your guides, don’t sweat it. They’ll show up anyway!)

?Call in your “fear.” See it as an object that exists completely outside of yourself, about a foot or two away from you. You can see it clearly and it does not touch you. Observe it. What color is it, what shape? Turn it around in all directions. Talk to it. Ask it questions. GET TO KNOW IT INTIMATELY, HONESTLY.

?Summon your inner light. Find its glow deep within you. What color is it? (any color is fine!) Watch it pulse brighter as you breathe in, growing brighter and larger each time. Keep watching your energy until it’s so large that it fills every cell, every void space of your body. This process is effortless and natural whenever space is present for it. And because your fear is currently sitting outside of you, there’s plenty of space for expansion of your energy, your power! Sit in this power as long as you like.

?When you’re ready, expand your energy outwards and encompass the object that represents your fear. Notice that it doesn’t obliterate it. But it does change it. It may transform or transmute into another object. There’s no judgement in what happens; just observe, accept.

?Now, imagine that you’re standing on top of a mesh-like, energetic grid that surrounds the earth. With your hands, forcefully push the now transformed object outwards as hard as you can. Watch what happens to it as it hits the grid. Does it bounce? Does it imbed? Everywhere it touches, watch as it transfers energy into the grid, the way color leaches out and disperses into water. Watch as it diffuses outward throughout the entire grid, slowly becoming lighter and lighter as it integrates with the grid itself.

NOTE! It’s not necessary to get through every step of this meditation. It’s not necessary to achieve total, complete healing of the fear you called it, and it CERTAINLY ISN’T NECESSARY to get every fear or every layer! Every little bit of progress is WONDERFUL and AMAZING. <3 You can repeat this meditative process as often as needed or desired.