Chances are, you’ve received guidance. Chances are also good that you had no idea what to do with it.

Many on this path of healing and spiritual “awakening” get somewhat stuck at a certain point, and it almost always has to do with receiving guidance. Sometimes it’s the issue of receiving guidance at all, either because the extrasensory centers have been shut down or because there’s difficulty in quieting and clearing the mind enough to allow the message to come through. If the message comes through, then there’s the issue of what to do with it. “Is it real or am I crazy? Where did it come from? Can I TRUST it?” Finally, even if all those barriers have been cleared, then there’s the common issue of seeking outside confirmation of the messages received (extension of trust, or lack thereof). Does it synch up to commonly accepted theories and practices? Are my filters and perceptions allowing me to see the message authentically and in its entirety?

It can be a rather confusing process to receive guidance, but it doesn’t need to be. It does take some awareness and practice, however.

First of all, let’s talk about why this matters. You don’t need to be an energy worker, psychic, or even on the spiritual path for these messages to benefit you. If you’re someone that relies on “gut instinct” in your career, whether you’re in law enforcement, a physician, or a stock broker, these messages can set you on the most efficient and expedient path forward. But even as an ordinary human being walking around with other ordinary human beings – these messages direct us in subtle ways that rarely reach our consciousness. That person is safe, that person is in pain and hurting, there’s someone behind me, that car is traveling too fast and I need to brake, I need to call home, something is “off” and I need to see the doctor, so on and on and on. But as you’ve no doubt already thought, those subtle messages can be overwhelmed and overridden by FEAR. Fear can deactivate our intuition, and since intuition is the gatekeeper for our shadow psyche, when we shut it down with fear, we run the risk of acting in very unconscious, and perhaps deleterious, ways. The plain-English translation is this: we begin to use “intuition” as validation of those fear-driven thoughts and reactions that are not intuitive at all. We pin it all on the gatekeeper (aka, intuition, who we’ve knocked unconscious) as justification for our shadow running amok. The police officer that uses “gut instinct” to falsely pursue someone that is completely innocent. A doctor that has shut down their intuition and relies only on a flow-chart process of elimination methodology to diagnose and treat. An energy worker that mistakenly projects his/her own judgements, wounds, and fears onto their client as “divine guidance.” When fear takes the wheel, it usually doesn’t just shut down intuition. It’s not simply opportunity missed, such as with the doctor when they might have intuitively sensed a particular diagnostic or treatment avenue. It can allow the shadow psyche to take the wheel, putting not only us, but every innocent bystander in our path, in danger. Clear extra sensory perception is vital to operating in this world as a fully conscious, aware, compassionate human being.

As a starting point, let’s talk about the Claires. I love this word, which means “Bright and Clear,” (in part because it’s my daughter’s name minus the “s,” and it suits her perfectly ❤︎). The Claires are the perceptions that we ALL have that fall outside of the five basic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch.

It’s important that I reiterate – we ALL have these Claires (which I’ll describe momentarily). Just as we find with our normal five senses, almost everyone has EVERY Claire on the list in some fashion; very few people have a completely non-functioning sense. It’s also completely common that most people have one or more senses that are heightened or stronger than others. It’s unfortunate that we’ve been taught, at best, that only a few people have these heightened “psychic” abilities (and usually only one of the many) and at worst, that it’s all a myth or hoax. What that results in is that while 99.99999% of people have these evolved senses, many have, through fear, learned to treat them with skepticism and mistrust, ignore them, or shut them down completely.

I refer to them as “evolved” but in fact, I believe we’ve had these extra senses right alongside our normal five senses from the beginning. I do think, however, that they are quite sensitive. Our normal five senses can handle relatively large amounts of heavy, dense input. They can handle a lot of input, but they require a good bit of input as well. To hear, you need actual air vibrations to reach the properly functioning components of the ear, and then those must be translated by the brain. To taste, actual molecules must touch the tongue. The Claire senses, however, are fine and delicate. They can detect only the subtlest of energetic fluctuations. Likewise, they can easily get “swamped” and lost in sensory-overload. Which is why I believe that throughout human history, these Claires, while ever present, have often gone through “dark” periods corresponding to the dark ages of human history (of which there are many, not just the Dark or Middle Ages of civilized human history between 500-1,000 CE). Fear, violence, illness, and more are heavy and dense energetically, and it’s like trying to use a sledgehammer to sound a fine crystalline glass, rather than the delicate, light touch of a finger. The Claires, while not actually shattered, are certainly overwhelmed and incapacitated in most people during these dark periods of history. Compare this to the Golden Ages, when art, beauty, peace, and harmony abound, when humans are living “in-alignment.” This alignment is achievable largely because the Claires are fully active and transmitting, fine tuning our human journey through the world. Although we are currently in a very dense, heavy energetic period, I believe that we are beginning to emerge out of a dark age, and the Claires are coming online more and more strongly for many people. It is important, as we emerge out of denser energies and into higher frequencies, that we pay attention to these high-sense perceptions. If we are mindful of the new inputs we’re receiving, we can more gracefully navigate the shift of increased information without triggering nervous system overload.

There are, arguably, many different abilities and many different categorizations. I’m going to outline them as 7 different Claires. You may find other definitions and classifications that make more sense to you, and if that’s so, I encourage you to use that.

One note as you read, these extrasensory perceptions do not usually, but can, manifest in the physical organs that house the five main senses. What that means is that if your clairvoyance is triggered, that does not typically mean that you will actually see, with your eyes open, an image. You might, especially if something comes in really strongly, but often the “sight” will manifest in your mind’s eye (third eye) with your eyes closed. Same for hearing, or Clairaudient, sensing. I’m clairaudient but very rarely feel like I’ve heard an actual voice or noise that seemed to originate outside my body. That can and has happened, but not often. Conversely, I’m also very strongly Clairalient (smell). Smells can manifest for me so strongly that I feel that I can hardly breathe. The ones above that I placed an asterisk* behind are often, not always, manifest in the body somehow, and thus I refer to them as “phantom.” Clairalient and Clairgustance are almost always manifest in the body as a phantom smell or taste. Though Clairsentient does manifest in the body, I don’t refer to it as predominately “phantom” only because, in my experience, it has its own unique quality that allows it to be easily identified for what it is.

Beginning Tuesday, July 7th, I will be offering a weekly online class – UNLOCKING THE CLAIRES – that will activate and fine tune these high sensory perceptions. In this class, we’ll cover the following:

– Clearing and Activation of the chakra(s) associated with each High-Sensory Perception. (Remember, not everyone has each Claire strongly, but we all have a bit of each!)

– Learn how to Clear and Ground your energy so that your high-senses can function efficiently and effectively.

– Learn how to Recognize, Manage, Grow, and Utilize the high-sensory inputs you’re receiving.

– Guidance on how to utilize these inputs in a Heart-Centered Manner that is in accordance with the highest good of yourself and those around you.

Learn how to do Shamanic Journeys to tap into your higher self and your team of guides. These guides funnel information to you via your senses and they can act as gatekeepers to help keep you from overwhelm.

BONUS! For those that complete the class, I will be offering weekly practice sessions via Facebook groups during which you can gain extra experience flexing and growing your extra sensory perceptions.

Cost is $161 for 7 weeks. Classes are live via Zoom each Tuesday from 7pm – 8:30pm EST; next session starts Tuesday, July 7th  2020 and runs through August 18th, 2020. Recordings will be available. (You can take this course concurrently with the STEPPING INTO YOUR POWER COURSE on the EVENTS & CLASSES page.

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